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First United is now recording Sunday Services.

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Who We Are

First United, Owen Sound, is a welcoming, accessible, Christian community of faith and fellowship serving the Owen Sound neighbourhood of Brooke and beyond.

Our Vision:

Creating an open and welcoming community, led by the Love of God.

Our Mission:

Sharing the life of Jesus, through story, music, prayer and action, we will be changed by Love, healed by the Spirit, and strengthened by each other for work in all of creation.

Our Core Values:

                   Hospitality                                        Seeking spiritual growth
   Kindness    Meaningful relationships
   Forgiveness    Gratitude
   Worship    Roots

What's Happening

What is a Spiritual practice? 

In many of the world’s religions, throughout time, people of faith have developed and observed spiritual practices or disciplines to help them connect with the divine. Spiritual practices such as colouring, lighting a candle, using the finger labyrinth, and more will be offered on Sunday morning before worship until Easter.

During the Sunday’s in Lent, February 18 to March 25 you are invited to the upper lounge from 9:30 a.m. – 10:20 a.m. to sample a variety of ways in which you can be prayerful. You are invited to drop in choose an activity or just sit quietly.  If you are curious feel free to stop in for a few minutes and see what is offered.  Everyone is welcome.



Draft Equal Marriage Update

following Tuesday July 11, 2017 Council meeting 

About two years ago, the Chair and Council of First United Church identified a gap between its new vision statement (“First United is an open and welcoming community, led by the Love of God) and its marriage policy.  What followed was almost a year spent in a prayerful process of education, conversation and reflection that examined sexuality and sexual orientation, the Bible’s authority and wisdom on the issue of equal marriage, the practice of marriage within the United Church of Canada, and the spiritual practice of discernment including education and knowledge, the tradition of the church, the input of the scientific community and the personal experience of each person.

A new, recommended equal marriage policy was crafted in response to that process and communicated to congregants.   Every congregant was given an opportunity to comment on the draft policy in verbal and/or written formats individually and in group situations using feedback forms and a “dot” process that indicated “support” or “non-support” for the draft policy.  Council reviewed all feedback in all forms.   

At the June meeting a notice of motion was made to indicate that Council would vote on the draft policy at its July meeting.   More feedback was received in response to that notice of motion.  Church Council voted on Tuesday July 11 on the following motion:

Moved that Council adopt as the official marriage policy for First United Church Owen Sound, the following:

We are an open and welcoming community, led by the Love of God.

First United Church Owen Sound affirms that all couples in a committed and loving relationship who seek a Christian marriage and who are legally eligible to be married ~ regardless of race, creed, socio-economic status, background, gender or sexual orientation ~ will be treated equally in respect to being married. 


All marriages are subject to approval by the Minister and procedures set out by Church Council.

The vote was taken by secret ballot to ensure that all Council members could vote freely. Non-voting scrutineers were appointed and counted the ballots. The decision to approve the new policy was unanimous with no abstentions.

Church Council believes with all of its collective heart that it has listened and responded to the voices of congregants and to the voice of God through this lengthy process.  It acknowledges this is a long-overdue decision for some and an unwelcome decision for others.  Council also believes that all congregants, regardless of their position on the new marriage policy, remain vitally important to this community of faith. All are welcome at First United Church regardless of their position. Council and Ministers continue to reach out to those who feel marginalized by this decision and we encourage everyone to act in ways that ‘draw the circle wide’ as we walk forward into our vision. 

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