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EQUAL MARRIAGE POLICY - Effective July 11, 2017:

We are an open and welcoming community, led by the Love of God.

First United Church Owen Sound affirms that all couples in a committed and loving relationship

who seek a Christian marriage and who are legally eligible to be married

~ regardless of race, creed, socio-economic status, background, gender or sexual orientation ~

will be treated equally in respect to being married. 


All marriages are subject to approval by the Minister and procedures set out by Church Council.

MARRIAGE PLANNING GUIDE: --- Effective: July 11, 2017 

The Minister will arrange to meet with you "for pre-marriage counselling and marriage planning". Please contact Rev. Kristal McGee by email: [email protected] or through the church office; [email protected] 
Normally, the Minister and Music Director of First United Church will conduct all marriages. The Council must approve any requests for a "Minister and /or Music Director", other than the serving Minister and Music Director.

In Ontario, you need to purchase a Marriage License at a City/Municipal office.

Or, you may obtain a Banns form from the church under the following conditions:

(1) where both parties to the proposed marriage worship regularly at their own church in Canada; and,

(2) where neither party to the proposed marriage has previously been married [dissolved or annulled].

To publish Banns, one of the parties must be a regular worshiper of First United Church Owen Sound, and the other party must be a regular worshiper in their church. 

A minimum of three Sundays before the wedding date, Banns will be published by being read during worship at both churches.

Time must also be allowed for ordering of the Banns document from the Government of Ontario.

Additional instructions on the publishing of the Banns will be obtained from the Minister.

The License needs to be submitted to the Church Office ONE WEEK in advance of your marriage, at the same time. your total marriage honoraria is requested:

Marriage Honoraria: (Sanctuary)   (Outside)
Service                          $125.00     $125.00
Minister                          $200.00     $250.00
Organist                         $125.00
Custodian                         $50.00

TOTAL HONORARIA:  $500.00      $375.00

(Organist for rehearsal) $50.00
PA System (If Required) $50.00

* Please enclose the above honoraria in one cheque payable to "First United Church".
The marriage flowers can be delivered to the Church by the Florist, one hour in advance of your marriage. Candelabras if rented should be delivered to the Church at the same time. Flower stands provided.

A photographer and a video operator are welcome at your marriage. Photos in the church can be arranged after the service is completed.

The Church requests that confetti must not be used, either inside or outside the Church; and, that there be no smoking or alcohol within the buildings 
A rehearsal will normally be held for the marriage party on the evening before the marriage, or at a mutually convenient time. It will begin on time and will last approximately forty minutes.

Church Phone: --- 519-376-1736
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