Monday, June 18, 2018

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Rates  Per  Day

$131.00 – Auditorium/ gym

$158.00 - Auditorium/ gym & Kitchen

$ 53.00 – Downstairs Hall

$ 79.00 – Downstairs Hall & Kitchen

$ 53.00 – Upstairs Lounge

$ 37.00 - Youth & Fellowship Room

$ 50.00 Sound System Fee

$ 50.00 Custodial Fee

Exercise classes pay $21.00/hour for use of gym


Ÿ Groups are responsible for making sure all furnishings, equipment, etc. are put back in their respective places; that all lights are turned OFF; and outside doors are locked when leaving building, unless other arrangements have been made with First United Church.

Ÿ  NO posting of signs on walls or doors without First United Church permission.

Ÿ  NO SMOKING/ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALLOWED anywhere in the building or parking lot.

Ÿ  First United Church will not be held liable for any damage or loss of your belongings and/or equipment, or any personal injury incurred.

Ÿ  If you are given a key to use,  $20.00 to be paid if lost.

Ÿ  All cheques are payable to “FIRST UNITED CHURCH”.

Ÿ  Your activity will be advertised on the First United Web page, if you do not want it listed, please request otherwise

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