Monday, June 18, 2018

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First United Council Members


  Pat McDonough

  Chair of Council & Chair of  Stewardship


  Kristal McGee



  Chair of Worship & Christian Development


  Joy Wagler

  Designated Lay Minister

  Cheryl Boudreau



  Jack Tweddle

  Voluntary Associate Minister

  Linda Fry



  George Prentice

  Chair of Trustees

  Paul Crawford

  Chair of Property & Finance


  Don Knight

  Chair of Communications & Membership

  Chris Miller

  Chair of Ministry and Personnel



  Chair of Christian Action




 Christina Beirnes





 Bettilyn Berglund



 Mel Knight

 Jennifer Prior

 Mary Jeanne Carmichael

 Chair of Congregational Life


 Deb Latham

 Anne Tettenborn

 Phil Cochrane



 Marilyn Messerschmidt


 Laurel Dinsmore

 Acting Vice Chair of Council


 Nancy Petanowich





The Church Council of First United fulfills its duties and obligations in accordance with the current United Church Manual. The Council meets monthly, except for July and August. The Council establishes Standing Committees as required and ensures that each Committee is accountable and functioning within its mandate. The Council engages in short and long term strategic planning and makes policy decisions beyond or between Committee mandates. The Council ensures that an Annual Report is prepared and presented along with an annual budget to the Congregational Meeting which is usually held each February. Other details of the Church Council responsibilities and makeup can be found in the Constitution of First United Church.
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